Orée phytocosmetic, from seed to final product





95% of the ingredients used in the manufacturing of our extracts come from our fields and local agriculture. Directly linked to our vision, our values ​​of sustainable development and eco-responsibility.

Since our beginnings, our land has been certified by ECOCERT CANADA. A respectful agriculture, which is at the heart of all our activities, in order to obtain pure ingredients without traces of harmful products for good overall health. We want to leave a clean and healthy land to our future generations.


We are proud that our land is organic, which guarantees our customers that the ingredients of the Orée Phytocosmetic brand are carefully chosen within the framework of the ECOCERT EUROPE standard.

Did you know that the organic standard for BIO Canada certifies agri-food products in Canada?


Our priority remains in the manufacturing of extracts and noble ingredients. The combination of active molecules and plant aromas authentically shapes our Orée phytocosmetic line.


At Pranasens, we show a deep desire to stay on the lookout for new developments in the field of beauty and well-being by relying on research and development, a key element in our continuous actions.

Accompanied by our chemist, we innovate in order of creating exclusive formulas that take advantage of the active ingredients from our cultures, a perfect marriage between nature and science. Over the years, we have acquired expertise and know-how with our plant transformation processes, dedicated to phytocosmetics. Our ingredients are carefully chosen for their respective properties, their effectiveness and their benefits for the skin. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to effectively control the quality of our products and the concentrations of extracts in order to obtain the best efficiency in cosmetology.

It is important for us to offer optimal stability when manufacturing our Orée phytocosmetic brand. This is why we invest in our high-end facilities and equipment, such as the vacuum homogenizer, which meets a high industry standard in order to optimize the viscosity and textures of our products. In accordance with the cosmetic ISO standard, we keep meticulous records and perform multiple tests to ensure the stability of the products placed on the market.

The Orée phytocosmetic brand offers visible and lasting results in support of a well-established beauty routine recommended by our Orée beauty professionals.


Two divisions were created between the family farm and the head office where all activities were segmented. Each department is enhanced to promote optimal productivity between operations from seed to marketing.

Pranasens is made up of a qualified and complementary multidisciplinary team working in a warm and friendly environment. Work-family-study balance is a priority, an advantage greatly appreciated by the team. Thanks to these strengths, the company is constantly evolving and adequately meets the needs of the current market. Each of our phyto-estheticians benefit from professional technical support and ongoing training. In addition, our Orée trainer has obtained the certificate of professional qualifications through the skills recognition process, the highest distinction in aesthetics in Quebec by Personal Care Quebec in addition to her strong experience in aesthetics and sales development.

During the procurement process, we favor, depending on the availability of materials, local, regional and provincial purchases before international, while respecting solidarity trade. As a precursor of organic farming, our various implications in the community and in different sectors have allowed us to stand out in the field of phytocosmetics in Quebec

For the sake of efficiency, we remain on the lookout for new technologies, both in terms of software and our packaging equipment, allowing good organization and excellent traceability of products placed on the market.

In order to offer the best experience, our goal is to maintain proximity with our customers and build a special long-term relationship through close collaboration, a favorable partnership and constant support.

This is where PURELY ME really makes sense!

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