Orée is a high performance professional product line for skin care. This line is offered exclusively to the beauty salon, spa and resort industry.

Our story

It is in 2014 that the Orée phytocosmetic brand saw the light of day, a high performance professional phytocosmetic line for skin care entirely shaped by the company Pranasens, from seed to final product.

It is from the symbiosis of a land cultivated with specialized plants for the manufacture of extracts and the border of the boreal forest that the Orée brand has emerged. The authentic meeting between active molecules and aromas has inspired this purely made-in Québec brand, Orée.

Pranasens is a proud leader in Quebec in the field of phytocosmetics. Pioneer, experience, journey, vision, passion, passionate about plants and their effects on humans, passionate about the skin

Our mission

To pay tribute to our organic plants used for the benefit of the best cosmetological practices in order to allow all the usage of high-performance products resulting from this union.

Our vision

Be the reference for organic phytocosmetics in Canada

Our values

Well-being, quality, ecology,
authenticity, transparency, harmlessness